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FoalPoint helps horse breeders care for their horses through innovative breeding management technology.

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Know when it's time, all the time.

Avoid missing an ovulation, a hormone treatment or birth of a foal. Accurate record keeping is essential for a successful breeding program. Let the FoalPoint Software remind you of what happened last with your mare, and what you scheduled next.  

Schedules, Insights and Alerts.

We get it. The breeding season gets busy, stay on top of paperwork by going paperless through the FoalPoint Software. Manage and track your mares cycles to pinpoint the best time to breed and also learn what trends are typical for her. 

Proactive foal watch.

The risk of losing a foal is much too high to miss the event of the foaling. With the FoalPoint System, you and your night watch attendants can be proactive about foal watch. Waiting is turned into preparing, and learning more about your mare. The FoalPoint System takes the guesswork out of when your mare will give birth to her foal. 

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“Efficient, well-structured, and intuitive. This app streamlines breeding with a comprehensive management tool. This is a valuable asset for any size breeding operation and helps to track the expenses incurred by every horse. To have this information at your fingertips while you go about your busy day is invaluable.”


—  Ruth Hanselpacker,  Aileron Stables

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Ready to see FoalPoint in action?

Our goal is to empower business orientated horse breeders with a precise way,  to organize and simplify their operations, this happens in the most innovative way with FoalPoint. 


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