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  • Why should I do milk testing?
    Pre-foaling milk and can give us crucial information in determining how far out your mare is from foaling through electrolyte and chemical changes in the secretions.
  • What is mare demeanor and appearance, why is this important?"
    As the mare gets closer to foaling her demeanor and appearance will change, we have provided the foaling readiness check as a handy tool to help you track those subtle but critical changes in mare demeanor and appearance.
  • What time of day should I do milk testing?
    Any time of the day is sufficient but we recommend in the evening once per day, as she gets closer you can test once or twice a day.
  • How do you check tailhead tone?
    Gently feel the muscles and ligaments on either side of her tail head. Rate on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the furthest away from foaling and 5 being closest to foaling (please write one number in chart) Ligaments surrounding tail are firm, very slight give when poked Looser feeling of the muscles but still tightly bound upon touch Less elasticity and more give/ movement to the muscles Very loose with almost no restriction of the muscle tightness Jell-O-like feeling to the touch, little to no firmness of this area
  • How do I safely collect a milk sample from my mare?
    Video coming soon!
  • How do I dilute a milk sample?
    Use 1 mL of milk and mix with 6 mL of distilled water. In a clean vial This is now a diluted milk sample. Video to come soon!
  • How do I connnect my device to the Foalpoint App with my smart phone?
    Video coming soon!
  • How do I assess vulva appearance?
    Rate on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being furthest from possible foaling, 5 being closest (only write one number in chart) 1. Not at all relaxed, obvious wrinkling of vulvar lips and pressed fairly tightly together, light pink coloring of vulva (leftmost) 2. Vulva mainly stiff and formed, but fewer visible wrinkles, slightly darker pink coloration (second from the left) 3. slightly More open and elongated, with small separation and more softness of vulvar lips (second from the right) 4. Little to no wrinkling on sides of vulva, appearing soft and loose, and slightly enlarged (rightmost) 5. Dark pink or red interior of vulva is visible, elongated to the point of almost double normal size, bulging and appearing smoother
  • How do I measure udder tone?
    Gently feel the mare’s udder to determine the score and please write one number in the chart for that day’s measurement. 1. Edema is present in the L or R side or both sides (circle). Udder is firm to the touch and may display lumpiness or an uneven feel. 2. Either the L or R sides or both sides (circle) of the udder are soft and deflated feeling with little to no form and teats do not protrude 3. Udder feels soft, puffy and fuller, and the teats feel fuller than normal 4. Veins are clearly visible on or around the udder and it feels very full, with the teats protruding extensively from the udder. 5. Udder is hot and painful to the touch
  • How do I assess udder size?
    Using a scale of 1 to 3, with 1 being a small udder with small or inverted teats (left), 2 beng a medium udder (middle) and 3 being large size full udder with teats points out (right).
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