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ovulation Prediction

Our specially built ovulation calculator allows for informed and optimal timing of breeding with fresh or frozen semen, as well as embryo transfers.

Breeding management system

We have a cloud based system to eliminate data confusion working with a large herd and minimizes the loss of key information when updating online records on a regular basis.

data entry assistance

PFERA offers additional support to upload all of your older data to bring all of your working files into one location for a complete look at your mares. 

foaling prediction

Our test strip analysis device use deep learning algorithm that eliminates human errors and creates tracked data for each broodmare including unexpected changes such as placentitis.

Staff management

The database of each horse information can be shared with your staff members. You can also customize the permission setting for each user.

Early-Warning alert

There are always automatic alerts for your next testing time reminders! The APP also delivers MORE notice time (hours) of when your mare will foal

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Physical Biomarker

Chemical Biomarker

Reproductive Assessment

Insemination Records

Hormone therapy


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