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3 Reasons Why You Should Collect Information on Each Broodmare

To minimize risk

This one is simple, we keep health records, (both for humans and animals) to keep from being caught off guard and ending up in unfortunate or even preventable situations. There is a reason why when we acquire a new mare or are waiting for a maiden mare to foal, we have an extra layer of nerves, we aren't quite sure what to expect. While things can go wrong with any broodmare, most breeders feel more comfortable with those mares they've had in their barn for a decade. FoalPoint is designed to help you minimize risk for all broodmares, new and old.

To save on time and expenses

We all know how it feels to start from scratch with a mare...don't do that to yourself every year! Even if you keep some form of breeding records, if they aren't accessible (or legible) you'll likely just begin from square one every year anyways. How does this affect your time and your budget? It means more time under lights, teasing, and ultra-sounding all while veterinary costs accumulate for those activities and more, like hormone therapies or even failed breeding attempts. When you compile data on your mare through FoalPoint, you are able to see what her cycles look like month-to-month and year-to-year. You will know when she's transitional. when she's most likely to ovulate and when she needs to move into a foaling stall. All of these insights play a role in just how efficient your breeding operation can be.

The FoalPoint Scanner launching soon!

To optimize foaling prediction

One of the many benefits of having your mares on FoalPoint is the opportunity to use the FoalPoint ScoreTM and the FoalPoint Scanner. The key to these systems functioning to the best of their ability is rooted in information. The more information you upload to FoalPoint about each mare, the more intelligent it becomes in regards to her reproductive cycle and foaling tendencies. Everything counts and makes your FoalPoint subscription even more worthwhile so add those foaling records from 10 years ago, track those follicles even if you decide to skip the cycle, and record those FoalPoint Scores!

Sound like a lot of work? Not to worry! The FoalPoint Team is ready to help you upload all your historical records to make the set-up process quick and easy.

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