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3 Ways We've Made FoalPoint Practical

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

You may have looked into technology or software programs specifically, for your farm in the past but found it complicated, overwhelming, or hard to justify cost. Aside from new technology being intimidating in general, we know why breeders are a little nervous, so lets take a look at how we've made FoalPoint easy and sensible!

Low upfront costs

Implementing technology on your farm, especially computer software has the associated expectation of being a "big investment", one that you have to seriously weigh necessity against cost for. This preconception has a lot to do with a lengthy wait for a return on your investment, requiring a long term commitment of 10+ years. It's scary for farmers and breeders alike to put forth thousands of dollars for a CD-ROM when it's second nature to think about how many wagons of hay that could get you, or a stud fee it would cover instead.

So that's not how we're doing it. FoalPoint doesn't have a steep upfront purchase price and it isn't something we need to come to your home for to install on your local machine. It's easy for YOU to register in just a few minutes and we help each individual breeder according to need :)

FoalPoint grows with you

Your FoalPoint subscription is based on your herd size. How many of your broodmares or other stock need FoalPoint profiles? You decide and your FoalPoint subscription adjusts accordingly. This is a major key for breeder accessibility regardless if a breeder has two mares or two-hundred. Small breeders deserve to access the reproductive technology and efficiency tools FoalPoint provides without cost being a barrier.

Subscriptions make FoalPoint flexible. Selling mares? Looking to add a few more? Our month-to-month format makes FoalPoint suitable for your breeding farm at any point, even if you're planning on retiring in a few years! Without thousands of dollars in upfront costs, the value of FoalPoint is experienced on a daily basis.

Multi-device use

It does little good to have your information stored on your local machine in your farm office. That means you still have to carry notebooks, transfer data from paper to computer, and call the office to get information when you're not there. FoalPoint makes sense for today's world, not only with the subscription style mirrored by services like Netflix and Quickbooks, but with multi-device capabilities. You can access FoalPoint from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. That means your broodmares are in your pocket wherever you go.

No more:

"I'll have to check when I get back to the barn"

You already know. Welcome to breeding in the 21st century.

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