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As our time at Communitech comes to an end, what's next?

For over a year, the PFERA Inc. headquarters has been based out of the Communitech offices in Kitchener, ON. Now we're moving a bit closer to home so this week is actually our last week at Communitech!

We moved into Communitech after winning a place in the Fierce Founders accelerator/pitch program. Fierce Founders provided workshops and seminars to prepare companies to accept their first customers. We were on quite a roll after Fierce Founders so we decided to stay and participate in Communitech's Edge program. The Edge program is similar to Fierce Founders but designed for established companies who already have sales. With mentor teams and advisors provided to us through the Edge program, we've continued to grow, learn and navigate the world of selling an online product.

Throughout our time at Communitech, our team has grown and diversified through the help of the the Federal Development Funding, the University of Waterloo Co-op program and the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business, BETs program. Now the majority of the PFERA team is based in and around London, ON so the decision to relocate to Dorchester, ON made the most sense and we are excited to get settled into our new offices!

Communitech is a wonderful community of like-minded, innovative individuals bringing forth the latest ideas and technology for both products and services. Prior to it being a hub for all things related to start-ups, this office space was home to Google! Communitech is outfitted with everything from a games room to a nap room and a slide from one the 3rd floor to the 2nd! There are more than 100 starts up working out of Communitech and we are thankful to have been one of them! If you know of any start-ups or have a one of your own, we highly recommend you look into their accelerator programs and take a tour of Communitech.

Thank you Communitech for being such a great support for FoalPoint!

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