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Calgary International Equine Symposium

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

The PFERA team was on the move again in early September! Our research team was invited to present our abstracts at the 2018 Calgary International Equine Symposium. Our team is led by Dr. Marcelo Martinez, an adjunct professor at the Atlantic Veterinary College and a world renowned specialist in equine reproduction.

The Calgary International Equine Symposium brings together equine experts from all over the world and gives them a platform to present their research on equine health and reproduction. This year, the symposium had a particular focus on innovation and discovery, a fitting theme for PFERA’s unprecedented technology. The research we presented included two abstracts; one on our foaling prediction method and another on our in-depth analysis of pre-colostral hormones and electrolytes. The results that were concluded allowed us to scientifically back our FoalPoint system and qualified us to join the symposium and mingle with other industry professionals.

With the hard-work of the research process and the preparation of abstracts out of the way, the University of Calgary wrapped up the event by treating us to dinner and a show at Spruce Meadows where we were able to watch the Masters Six-Bar event, Lord Strathcona’s Musical Ride and the Symphony of Fireworks. The conference was thoroughly enjoyed by all and was a rewarding experience for PFERA to be associated with some of the world's leading scientists, academics, veterinarians and innovators in equine health.

If you’d like to know more about the research behind FoalPoint, send us an email at or contact us via one of our social media channels!

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