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Equine Guelph: Mare and Foal Tool

Knowledge about equine reproduction in the horse industry can originate anywhere, from word of mouth and old wives tales to peer reviewed literature, textbooks, courses, and internships.

At PFERA, our values revolve around having correct information that is scientifically backed as well as useful in the barn. We build these values into our products such as the FoalPoint system on both web and mobile ( ), as well as the FoalPoint Scanner, our foaling prediction device which will be available soon

This year, we have partnered with Equine Guelph to bring more awareness to the crucial parts of a mare's gestation and encourage breeding intelligence. We want to see successful breeders and healthy mares and foals.

Equine Guelph's Mare and Foal Tool is an interactive tool for breeders of any level or experience, to learn about the finer details of a foal's development and a mare's needs throughout gestation.

Information produced by the Mare and Foal Tool is all trackable through FoalPoint with it's scheduling features, vaccine reminders and reports of fetal scans. Using FoalPoint, everything you need to record about your mare and growing foal can all be done from your smartphone.

The Mare and Foal Tool also has an Interactive Pregnancy Wheel which provides an in depth look at how fetal development plays out during the pregnancy. This is a great reference tool for anyone wanting a peak inside their mares!

Visit to use the Pregnancy Wheel!

Visit Equine Guelph and try out these tools to make sure you're tracking everything you need to be, then head to to start keeping your mare's breeding and foaling records at your fingertips!

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