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FEATURE FRIDAY: Auto Scheduler!

We told you FoalPoint was going to be your virtual breeding assistant, and we're rolling out the features to prove it.

Who has an upcoming preg check? Who is due for Pneumabort? When is her next Regumate injection? Did anyone remember to tease that mare today?

These are some of the constant thoughts swirling around in the brains of breeders and barn managers everywhere. Well guys, it's time to free up that head space.

Event scheduling, the FoalPoint calendar, and mobile notifications, already save you from having to store a bunch of important dates in your head but the new FoalPoint Auto Scheduler takes it one step further.

Now, whenever you log reproductive activities such as inseminations, pregnancy diagnosis' and fetal monitoring's for your mare, you'll be prompted to schedule consecutive activities to help you stay on track with each mare.

When logging records on your mare's FoalPoint profile, they'll be no "I'll need to do this soon but I'll schedule that event in later when I have a chance" do it automatically with pre-calculated dates and a single click. You won't have to give a second thought to scheduling for the future,

Auto scheduling is just another way we're making FoalPoint intuitive so that your breeding operation can be more efficient. Did you ever think you could be this organized?

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