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FEATURE FRIDAY: Custom Reports

Happy Friday everyone!

Whether you are on the free trial or have moved on to your subscription, you may find you have a little more time over the weekends to explore FoalPoint as you begin to implement it into your breeding operation. To help make the most of your subscription straight away, we will be doing 'Feature Friday's' regularly to familiarize you with FoalPoint features and their capabilities!


Custom Reports: a feature whose title we have chosen because the sky truly is the limit when it comes to FoalPoint record keeping


No farm is the same! Whether you are large or small, commercial or private, a racing, Quarter Horse or Sport-horse breeding operation, FoalPoint needs to make sense for you. Custom Reports allows you to record any type of information, shattering the idea that software cannot be sufficient on its own. No need to scribble on a whiteboard, in the notes section of your smartphone, or in a binder just because you have no place to put that horse's unique information. The key is individualization and that is what we have worked to provide for you. We don't want our users to feel any constraint with rigid parameters but rather, dare we say.... unbridled?


So how does it work? After you click on the 'Add Record' icon on a mares profile, you will have the ability to choose 'Custom Report'. From here you can enter a title of your choosing and log the corresponding information. You could use this feature to keep track of things like injuries, lactation changes, or farrier visits.

For example: If Snowball gets a cut on her leg, Custom Reports will allow you to log details of how it occurred and the course of treatment. By storing the report with date and time, you will have a chronological history of the injury to refer to as healing progresses.

This feature is also incredibly valuable for staff communication because on the farm, no day is the same. Taking a quick look at any logged custom reports will allow them stay up to date on mare management and health. Keep things moving by avoiding multiple inquiries about recognized issues, "did anyone notice the cut on Snowballs leg?" or if Snowball seemed a bit colicky the previous day, all staff will know to pay close attention to her when doing herd checks.

While Custom Reports is essential for serious concerns such as colic or mastitis, we're sure you'll find a few opportunities to log some lighthearted occurrences. Maybe Snowball is a runner and likes to duck out of her stall while being mucked out, or perhaps being a broodmare is a career secondary to her true passion, fashion design. As shown by the condition of her pasture-mates blankets or her apparent disdain for matching footwear (having two shoes is soooo 2017).

Ready to go check it out?

The possibilities are truly endless with Custom Reports and we want to know how you use it! Send us screenshots let us know how it has helped you!

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