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FEATURE FRIDAY: Cycle Graphing

How well do you know your mare's cycle?

Do you have mares who often fail to catch on the first try?

When you record weeks worth of reproductive measurements, how often do you sit down and put it all together?

With FoalPoint's graphing feature, you can see how all the information you've tracked on each mare, correlates. You're already spending the money to get the information and taking the time to record it, why wouldn't you want to get the most out of it?

After every tease score or ultrasound scan you log, FoalPoint will add those values to create a graph over the month. This graph will includes a mare's tease scores, follicle growth on both ovaries, edema score, cervical and uterine tone.

The graphing feature will show you how accurate your tease scores are by assessing them with your ultrasound results. You will also see how large your mare's follicles typically get before ovulation, helping you better predict for the future. Essentially, you will know your mare's cycle in more detail than ever before, reducing the risk of missing important markers.

Having reproductive analytics on your mare is a great way to identify trends, patterns and help you modify your breeding practices or schedule, accordingly. Pick a year and month and look back on previously graphed breeding charts to leverage your breeding accuracy.

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