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FEATURE FRIDAY: Expense Tracking

Do you know how much each individual mare costs you to breed?

Do you find yourself over budget at the end of the breeding season but can't pinpoint where it happened? Or maybe you came in under budget and would like a break down of your expenses to make the same plan for the following year?

Whether you're just starting expense tracking or you're looking for an easier way to do it, FoalPoint can keep track of what you're broodmares are costing you.

Each time you log an activity in FoalPoint, you have the ability to enter it's cost whether that be farrier, veterinarian, board bill, or a custom event of your choosing.

Record the cost of each activity you do with your mare

FoalPoint will keep a running tab for each mare so that you can see what your mare has cost per month and to date.

Your mare list will show you the monthly cost of each mare to date

When you keep track of expenses for each mare, it makes billing easy. FoalPoint generates detailed monthly expense reports which can be turned into invoices at a click to print, email to clients, or keep on file for yourself.

Use FoalPoint expense tracking to help you make decisions for your operation, know which mares are cost-efficient, and plan ahead. Begin your free trial at

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