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FEATURE FRIDAY: FoalPoint Calendar

The breeding season is likely your busiest time of the year, but busy doesn't have to mean stressful. Luckily, you can be busy AND organized using the calendar feature on FoalPoint.

So you're using FoalPoint to track your mare's progress, but you've got 20 mares on your account and you need to make sure your stay up to date with each of them. This is where the FoalPoint calendar comes in, allowing you to schedule and view the tasks purely associated with your farm.

With color coding, even a packed month is easy to navigate

Schedule events ahead of time

Let's say you just got your mare scanned, you're on her profile and you log her follicle size and uterine tone. She's still too far off to choose a breeding date so you know you'll need to have her scanned again later in the week. Instead of moving on to the next mare and hoping you'll remember in a few days time, you can schedule the date for her next scan right away and not have to give it another thought. Vet coming back on Thursday? Great! Schedule her next scan on FoalPoint's calendar and have her on the list.

Color coded activities

So you've scheduled your mare for an ultrasound on Thursday, you click and open your calendar to see what else you have going on that day. Thankfully, each activity is color coded. You see your newly scheduled ultrasound right away in purple and the mares you need to tease are listed in orange. At a quick glance, you can get an idea of what your day is going to look like, how many staff you'll need, and how long you'll be in the barn.

View your upcoming week and month

Want to know how busy you are next week? Or what herd health activities you need to do this month? You have the option to view your calendar by day, week, or month to help you plan ahead.

Filter your calendar by activity

Trying to find out if you'll need the vet next week? Or what your staffing schedule will look like? Type a specific activity into the calendar (ultrasounds, teasing, vaccines, you name it) and FoalPoint will show you all the mares who are scheduled for each one.

Filter your calendar by mare

"I'm sure I'm supposed to do something with Snowball next week but I can't remember what it was"

Looking for an event for a specific mare? Instead of going to her profile, you can search her name on the calendar and FoalPoint will locate any activities associated with her!

Activity/Event notifications

Did you schedule something for 2 months from now? Don't worry, FoalPoint will send you a notification on your mobile app or via email for the web version, to remind you as the date approaches!

See? When we said "help you organize", we meant it. You have enough things to worry about, take the pressure off by having your own personal assistant through the FoalPoint calendar.

Schedule activities anywhere using the FoalPoint mobile app!

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