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We're back with another Feature Friday! If you're enjoying some down time over the weekend (perhaps turkey induced for our American friends), why not learn about FoalPoint's Herd Health?

You asked, we listened! Due to high interest from both large and small breeders, we built the Herd Health feature to log all non-breeding health related activities. This is a great place to record the important routine health check-ups that are tossed into the juggling act of horse breeding. Breeding managers most often have to manage herd health alongside reproductive health and this feature ensures the software can be a stand alone solution for the busy season ahead. While we are very focused on recording every detail of reproduction, we also realize you need to record and cost track day to day management practices.

The best management practices include Herd Health!

Here are 4 things you need to know about the Herd Health feature

It's well rounded

If it's related to horses, we've made a place for it. Record vitals, vaccines, deworming, fecal egg counts, therapeutic treatments, blood-work, dental and hoof care for each horse and create reminders for when these events need to happen again!

You can track general information and routine

Never stare hopelessly at a smudged white board or see the wrong feed made for your horse again. You can record grain and forage instructions and easily make adjustments so that your horse's diet is correct and consistent. With previous reports saved, you can look back and see what you've fed in past seasons or what may need to be tweaked. If you like attention to detail, you can record appetite and fluid intake, manure and urine output/appearance, abdominal sounds, and hoof temperature on any given day.

Keep the attitude

We've included a unique section in Herd Health that is focused on your horse's attitude and behavior. It's no secret that you can learn a lot from a horse's demeanor and now you have a great way record characteristics like alertness, lethargy, colic and pain levels for your account users to see!

Track it anywhere, and fast!

"Quick, take her temperature and then run to the house to enter it" No thanks.

Herd Health will be available on the FoalPoint mobile app! We also designed Herd Health with drop down boxes and selections to save you time, especially in emergency situations when it counts the most.

The records you log on the Herd Health feature will help you stay organized, recognize patterns, and bring any concerns to attention. They also provide great insight into the progression of an illness and can be extremely helpful for your veterinarian in the case of an emergency. Get everyone on the same page and never miss a beat, explore Herd Health on your FoalPoint free trial today!

These are just some of the things you can record on herd health, try it out for your own horses!

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