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FEATURE FRIDAY: Mare Profile Sharing

If you have client mares, your time is divided between getting them in foal, and communicating with their owner. We designed FoalPoint so that you can do both simultaneously.

Profile Sharing on FoalPoint means a mare can have multiple viewers on her profile. FoalPoint mare owners have the ability to add veterinarians, partners, and staff.

Kobyla's owner has given viewing privileges to farm staff and her veterinarian

What does this mean for breeders?

  1. - Less time in the office

  2. - Improved information on client mares

Does your phone always seem to be ringing? Are you constantly trying to contact clients for more information? Let them know where there mare is at in her cycle or her expenses to date?

Adding client mares onto your FoalPoint account eliminates all of that back and forth. Your client can log onto FoalPoint and see the results of her latest scan, upcoming schedule and what their monthly bill is looking like.

On the flip side, when client mares arrive at your farm, owners can share a mare profile from their account onto yours, granting breeders access to all information compiled on FoalPoint, including past reproductive histories. Year after year, these consistent and easily transferable records will make the breeders job easier.

What does this mean for owners?

If your mare is headed off property, her records can be maintained in the way you've kept them all year. You don't have to hunt down and photocopy pages out of a binder or walk blindly into the following breeding season not knowing the specifics of her last cycle.

Owner's can also save time with communication and have peace of mind about their mare's reproductive status and activities on a day to day basis.

What does this mean for staff?

Granting FoalPoint access to staff is a smart way to make sure everyone is on the same page. Give your staff the ability answer questions quickly, log all activities and expenses associated with every mare on your farm, and never miss an important activity. Your staff are your first point of contact. With FoalPoint, you don't have to worry about procedures and supplies not being billed for or herd health activities not being accurately recorded. By using FoalPoint, your staff will be informed, able to record reproductive information, and do their job to the highest standard. Your farm will run like a well-oiled machine.

Doesn't it get confusing having so many people on the account?

If you're worried about incorrect information being added or having things accidentally deleted, don't! We've addressed this concern by creating 'Read Only' and 'Read and Write' access. The owner of the mare has the ability to grant either one of these access styles. One of which will allowing editing and information logging and the other, solely for viewing.

With Profile Sharing, FoalPoint is undoubtedly the most time efficient system to navigate the breeding season with, for everyone involved.

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