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FEATURE FRIDAY: Notifications

If you're a FoalPoint subscriber, you may have noticed that you're now receiving notifications on your phone or email for all events you have scheduled for your mares!

Why receive notifications?

Notifications are a way to stay connected to your FoalPoint account and your mare's reproductive activities. The FoalPoint calendar and event scheduling features are crucial to managing your broodmares and never missing a beat. You no longer need to keep dates in your head or on paper. Take the stress away of remembering to carry out ovulation monitoring, pregnancy checks and vaccinations by scheduling events ahead of time and receiving notifications as the date nears.

How to turn on notifications

Not receiving notifications? Make sure you have them turned to have them appear on your phone or in your email! To do this, click "Settings" on your FoalPoint account and scroll down to the "Notifications". Select the toggle to turn on event email and/or push notifications. Push notifications will come to your phone if you have the FoalPoint mobile app.

Scheduling an event

To receive notifications, you need to have events scheduled ahead of time for your mare(s). To do this, click the event button on a mare's profile and select and activity and time or go to the FoalPoint calendar and select "New Event".

Log-in to FoalPoint at and stay up to date on your broodmares by receiving notifications on their activities!

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