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FEATURE FRIDAY: Training Forms!

Wait a second...Training Forms on FoalPoint?

As you know, FoalPoint was built for horse breeders to better manage their broodmares and our system is designed specifically for tracking cycles, managing pregnant mares, and recording foaling. However, our mandate has always been to strive to make a product that is useful and provides value to all types of breeding farms.

These days, most breeding farms are part of an integrated operation which includes horses in training on the track or under saddle, and as you know, you can keep non-breeding stock on FoalPoint. For this reason, we have included FoalPoint Training Forms! With these forms, you can fill out which exercise activity you performed with your horse and for how long. With the help of FoalPoint subscribers and industry experts, we compiled every activity that can be done with a horse in training.

Perfect for recording rehabilitation work or conditioning

Is your horse swimming, lunging or being hand-walked?

Are you in the racing industry and have horses jogging or doing training miles? Now you can record times and distances under their FoalPoint profile using the new Training Form.

Is your horse in training under someone else? Share their FoalPoint profile with your trainer so that they can record what they've been doing and leave comments for you.

Training Forms also have a field to record the associated costs. This makes tracking training expenses easy for yourself, and great for invoicing clients!

Along with Custom Reports and Herd Health, FoalPoint can be used to track so much more than just breeding!

You can enter these Training Forms from any device, at any time. Find the Training Form by clicking the "+" button so log on to your FoalPoint account today to record your horse’s latest workout!

Jogging, training, or towing, you can record it all on FoalPoint

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