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First Trade Show of 2019: Saskatchewan Equine Expo

This past weekend we bundled up and headed to chilly Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We attended the 8th Saskatchewan Equine Expo which features a variety of live performances, events, and a three day trade show. Hosted at the Saskatoon Prairieland Park, the Saskatchewan Horse Federation and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine work together each year to put on the event.

The Saskatchewan Equine Expo aims to feature the latest developments in equine health, horsemanship and technological advancements, that's where we come in. With numerous equine trade shows held across North America every year, we can't make them all but Saskatoon was definitely on our list. With over 10,000 visitors passing through, the SEE has built a quality event in the west to showcase innovation and horsemanship.

Over the three days, we were thrilled to be able to speak with numerous breeders from the west and share our breeding management software with them. We were able to show breeders how they could learn more about their mares and make their day-to-day lives more efficient by bringing the latest technology onto their farms. Many breeder's expressed their desire for more organization, the benefits of responsible expense tracking, and the need for innovative technology within the equine industry. It was great to meet so many breeders out seeking new information about their industry, engage in a conversation to hear their frustrations, and be able to introduce a solution. We appreciate everyone who stopped in to chat with us and we look forward to seeing you on FoalPoint!

FoalPoint at the 2019 Saskatchewan Equine Expo

A popular event throughout the expo was the trainer challenge, featuring three trainers who select an unbroken horse to start. With a total of only four hours of training, spanning 4 days, the progress each trainer made with their filly was impressive. Starting off in a round-pen having never seen saddle, by Sunday each filly was riding the full arena and completing obstacle challenges. Trainers participating in this challenge included Jason Irwin from Ontario, Scott Todd from Alberta, and Amos Abrahamson from Saskatchewan.

Jason Irwin with challenge filly "Valentine"

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