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FoalPoint: Keeping it Simple

We regularly talk about cycle graphing, ovulation pinpointing, and foaling prediction but it's good to remember how useful it can be just to have your horse's basic health records in your pocket, a capability appreciated by a FoalPoint team member just last week.

There are times when your horses require a little extra monitoring and TLC. Something as simple as routine vaccinations can have you heading out to the barn every few hours to monitor vitals and gauge the situation.

Easy fill-in forms to record information

After spiking a worrisome temperature, 5 year old Mustang gelding Jethro had his vitals monitored and recorded under his profile every few hours.

Organized and thorough health records for your horse

Using the FoalPoint Mobile App, Jethro's records were logged at his side and temperature logs from previous hours were easily referred to. Contrary to white boards, notebooks, or scraps of paper, all of Jethro's information about this post-vaccine event is safely stored and documented as a piece of his health history.

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