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FoalPoint making big moves since USTA partnership formed

FoalPoint officially partnered with the United States Trotting Association in March of 2019 and has since continued to build out the broodmare management program. The latest level of the FoalPoint software was released this week, a framework known as "Mare States". This new feature is an intuitive way for breeders to follow their mares through their reproductive cycle on FoalPoint whether they are open, in heat, bred, or pregnant.

"Our partnership with the USTA was sparked by not only the current FoalPoint solution, but future developments." says CEO Lisa Schultes

The artificial intelligence behind States is unique in the sense that change is affected according to the activities breeders are performing with each mare.

"When you look at the dairy industry, they have leveraged the power of artificial intelligence to make their lives easier and their data (and herd) more valuable. For longevity, horse breeders need to be able to do the same thing." says Schultes

The ongoing development of FoalPoint will always reflect our desire to help horse breeders thrive in the modern world, discover opportunities to improve their bottom line, and find solutions to problems that have plagued them for decades.

While fast paced and ever expanding, the FoalPoint team is ready to help farms get on board at any point. If you are business orientated and recognize the need to modernize your operation, it's time to have a conversation.

"We are thrilled to be using the FoalPoint technology on our farm. Lisa and the PFERA team have made tracking our broodmare's cycles, hormone treatments, vaccinations and other important information, a breeze." - Mac Lilley Farms

With help from breeders like you, new features are always in the works meaning FoalPoint will grow with your business and your practices. Go check out the new "Mare States" feature on FoalPoint and you'll understand just how.

Visit for a personalized look at the FoalPoint technology.

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