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FoalPoint on the go!

How convenient is a record keeping system if you have to go the office and sit down in front of a computer in order to use it? Not very. Especially when you consider the horse breeder lifestyle of rarely being in one spot for long. Breeder's need to have the ability to log information instantaneously. If you have to record information elsewhere and then sit down at the end of the day to enter it, software quickly becomes inefficient and inaccurate.

We realized that accessibility needed to be a priority for FoalPoint so from the beginning, we were dedicated to creating the FoalPoint Mobile App on Android and iOS. We want to decrease the amount of time you spend doing paperwork, not give you a headache while you try to remember which mares you evaluated that day!

What can we do on the Mobile App?

On the FoalPoint app you will be able to view mare profiles, log information and create reports. This means you can enter ultrasound and palpation results as you are standing right beside your veterinarian as well as enter cost tracking to later create and print invoices from a computer.

When will the Mobile App be available?

We're not surprised you're eager to get it downloaded and we are too. I personally walk into the office everyday and make it my job to annoy our software developer for progress updates. To some, his facial expressions might imply otherwise, but I know he loves it. We want FoalPoint Mobile to be great right from the get-go so we're being very detail particular and navigating the numerous hoops smartphone stores require you to jump through in order to have it up and available for download. We are planning on releasing the mobile app before Christmas! You've waited your entire lives for a breeding management software so you can do this too, just hold on.

Do you have to have the app or can you just use FoalPoint on your phone's web browser?

This hurts our hearts a little bit. We don't want to imagine this or know you are putting yourself through unnecessary suffering. The thing is, mobile apps exist for a reason. They are designed to fit and be easy to use on smaller screen. That's why we have the Facebook app on our phones rather than bringing it up through our browser every time we want to use it. So yes, in order to have FoalPoint working properly on any small screen device, you need to download the Mobile App.

Do we have to pay to download the Mobile App?

Don't be silly, of course not! You FoalPoint subscription covers both the web and mobile versions because you are subscribing to have a personal account, not the platform itself!

What if I don't have any internet access?

What?! You're telling us that not every barn is outfitted with WiFi? Absurd!

Just kidding, chances are you don't have WiFi in your barn (if you do, on behalf of everyone who has ever visited, bless you) FoalPoint Mobile needs to have data to save the information you log BUT our next step once the app is released is to enable local storage. When this happens, you will be able to us the app while you are offline and it will sync the next time you connect to WiFi.

You'll need to add your mares via the web anyways so make the best use of the next few weeks while you anxiously await the app release and get your mare profiles made on FoalPoint Web!

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