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Have you met Kobyla?

Thinking of trying FoalPoint but don’t know where to start?

We now have a demo mare! When you sign up for your free trial (yes free, no credit card required) Kobyla will appear on your account as your first mare. She has a fully populated profile so that you can see what a FoalPoint mare looks like and how the features work when information is added.

Meet your FoalPoint demo mare, Kobyla!

Aside from having full access to her profile, Kobyla is also your tour guide! FoalPoint now has a tour to help you get familiar with the layout, show you where features are located and how they connect with one another. The FoalPoint tour comprises of 12 steps that you can go through at your own pace. It can take as little as 2 minutes to learn about all the features of FoalPoint and you can always open the tour again by clicking the 'Tour' button in the top right hand corner if you ever need a refresher.

What can you do with Kobyla?

When you first meet Kobyla you'll see from her gestation tracker and her mare overview, that she is already in foal. To get a better understanding of how FoalPoint works throughout breeding and gestation, the first thing you can do is create a foaling record for Kobyla (click the + button on her profile to add a record). After submitting a foaling record, FoalPoint will recognize that Kobyla is no longer in foal and transition back to breeding settings.

Kobyla's profile has a whole year's worth of records for you to explore

Kobyla's overview will now change to focus on her her cycles to show edema grade, cervical tone, uterine tone, as well as follicle sizes on both the left and right ovaries. To enter these values go to the "+" button and add an ultrasound report. This overview will always show the results of her most recent reproductive assessment.

Seeing that Kobyla has now foaled, her new average gestation day will be added in "About Kobyla", found by clicking the pencil icon. Her "Number of previous foals" will also be updated.

From here you can add all the reports you'd like! Try generating invoices, play around on her cycle graph and scheduled some upcoming events for Kobyla!

Still not sure how to start? Simply click here to create your free account or click here to log into your existing account!

To see how FoalPoint can save you countless hours of office work, help you learn more about your mares and increase farm efficiency, head over to

Make your free account, meet Kobyla and take the tour! She is there to help you envision what it would be like to have your own mares on FoalPoint!



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