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How safe is it to keep my records online?

Did you know that more than 80% of medical doctors keep electronic records? Or that your accountant likely uses Quickbooks/Freshbooks?

Why have professionals switched to electronic record keeping systems? Efficiency.

What do professionals require in order to do so? Security.

You data needs to be treated with the highest level of respect because after all, your breeding records are the lifeblood of your business. Security and reliability is not only a priority at PFERA, but the foundation of FoalPoint's design.

1.) Store your breeding records in a smart way

Your breeding records and notebooks are your way of looking back and seeing what has happened in previous seasons. This is also how most do cost tracking. We already know that reproductive success is the first step in ensuring a financial return, making record keeping essential. Not to mention, records don't mean much if they aren't organized or easily accessible. It doesn't do you much good to have to hunt through stacks of paper or scroll endlessly through an Excel spreadsheet when you need your information ASAP.

2.) Make sure your data is secure

Your horses are your business and we mean that in every way. The web can be a daunting place to start uploading information and you are wise to investigate thoroughly before doing so. We welcome any and all questions and we want to be transparent about our security measures. Here are some of the ways we have armed FoalPoint to be safe for our users;

  • We back up our servers on a continuous and regular basis

  • We encrypt all passwords and personal information you store on FoalPoint (the most effective way to achieve data security)

  • We do not share or sell your information to advertisers or any third party.

  • We work with Stripe (the most trusted online credit card processing company) to handle payments

  • We are available 24/7 to contact with any questions or concerns

3.) Have breeding (and barn) records regularly backed up

Spilled coffee on your laptop? Misplaced your paper records?

If your breeding records are lost, ruined, or stolen, all your detailed information will be gone. The upcoming breeding season will consume more of your time and resources with extra vigilance required and the increased likelihood of missing cycles or losing foals. Will you be able to remember which hormone therapy you used on a specific mare? Who ovulates with which sized follicles? Which mare developed placentitis, had a difficult foaling or has NI foals? Even if you can remember all these fine details, will your barn staff? Your veterinarian? This is information you can't afford to go without. Our servers are backed up regularly so all the information you enter in to FoalPoint will always be stored safely.

Starting to feel a little nervous about how secure your paper or excel records are currently?

Breathe. FoalPoint keeps your records on The Cloud! This means your records are not attached to a specific machine (or stuffed in a filing cabinet). The Cloud is composed of secure servers that store your data and are accessible to you at anytime by connecting to the internet. The alternative to The Cloud is your internal hard drive, which Excel and many older management systems run off of. Your hard drive means you can only access your information on your computer and if something were to happen (water damage, virus, hardware malfunction), you'd have to take it in and pay to hopefully get your information extracted. Unless of course you have a centralized server in your barn (hint: you probably don't). I don't know about you, but the last thing I have time for during breeding season is a few trips into town and then to kiss my laptop goodbye for 3 weeks.

At FoalPoint, anything you leave with us, stays with us. Having your records stored on FoalPoint is the simple solution to side-step all the risk mentioned above. Furthermore, referring to previous seasons is crucial but have you ever thought about looking into the future? When it comes to breeding your mare, FoalPoint might be the closest thing to looking into a crystal ball.

Has this happened to you? Prevent data loss with FoalPoint. Your breeding records are never lost.

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