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"I have client mares, how will FoalPoint work for me?"

From day one, we wanted FoalPoint to be a system beneficial for breeders of all sizes, budgets and disciplines. This includes breeders with a client base.

There are two main questions we hear from breeders with clients:

"I have X number of mares who aren't mine, that means I have to pay for a bigger subscription?"

"I only keep some mares year round, the rest come to be bred then return to their owners. What do I do with their profiles?"

Our response? Put your business caps on!

Why would you implement FoalPoint for your clients? The same reason you get new footing for your arena, feed quality hay, and use a reputable vet. Your standard of service, level of care, communication, and innovation is in direct correlation with your ability to maintain and grow your client base.

Yes, if you have more mares you will need a bigger FoalPoint subscription. However, you can easily roll that expense back to your clients. Not to mention, FoalPoint is already quite affordable, gets more cost efficient as subscription size increases, and has a high ROI with time and breeding costs reduced. Operations with more amenities charge more for board, so why wouldn't you charge for the use of technology that is being used to manage reproductive work and help get client mares in foal? (the whole reason they are at your facility to begin with).

Here's some food for thought, the average price to keep a mare on FoalPoint is $4.75/month. You could easily charge $5.00/month more for the technology fee of FoalPoint and cover the cost of those extra profiles. Not only are you NOT adding a ridiculous increase to their bill, you are giving them 21st century, research backed reproductive analytics, comprehensive breeding records, and accurate billing.

Client mares leaving? Archive their profiles (coming soon) and switch to a subscription size that accommodates the number of mares staying on your farm. Better yet, use the profile sharing feature and send the mare's profile back to her owner's FoalPoint account when she leaves so that her records can be maintained in a consistent fashion year round. When she returns to you the following season, simply have her owner share the profile back to you.

Client object to an affordable technology fee? Send them our way and we'll change their minds.

What do clients want? Excellent communication with you, a clear understanding of their investment, mares to get in foal as quickly as possible, stay in foal, and all at an affordable cost. If you can improve the chances of all of that happening for a mere $5.00 more, who would turn that down?

Answer: no one that should be your client, that's for sure.

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