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System Equine Series: Is your fencing foal-proof?

Having a foal (or a few!) on the farm means your farm needs to be safe. With their small stature, delicate limbs and curious demeanour, they will search for trouble and find themselves in situations you've never imagined.

Many farm management practices develop through experience, trial and error, and the unpredictable nature of horses. While nothing can guarantee 100% safety, risk of injury and fatalities can be greatly reduced by outfitting your farm with products and materials designed with the foal in mind.

Throughout the upcoming months, we've partnered with System Equine to go over some of their products designed to keep foals safe.


High Impact Flex Fence

This fence is designed to withstand up to 4500lbs of breaking strength by absorbing impact upon contact. If your horses are prone to exuberant runs or frequent the fence line, the flex fence will maintain it's integrity and keep them on the right side. Mares teach their foals to respect the fence line but until then, you won't have to worry when they run close. You can also add a 4th fence trail to minimize space and even further reduce the potential for injury. As the strongest fencing system on the market, you can't go wrong with the High Impact Flex Fence.

Square Deal Wire Mesh Fence and Diamond Wire Mesh Fence

If you're fencing an area that holds large herds, you should consider mesh fencing. The unique square and diamond patterns prevent climbing, buckling or sagging. They also eliminate the opportunity for foals to accidentally roll under the fence when lying down. Mesh fencing has the ability to withstand weather conditions like snow drifts, and provides an extra barrier against predators. System Equine stocks mesh fencing in a range of heights and lengths to suit both farm and breed. If you're looking for a low maintenance, secure fence, square or diamond wire mesh is the way to go!

Shockline and Raceline Coated Wire

Another fence style suitable for foals is the flexible design of coated wire. With 1500lbs of breaking strength, coated wire is durable and outfitted with special tensioners to manage tension levels. You have two options for a coated wire fence one of which is Raceline a smooth 1/4 polyurethane coated wire reducing friction and the risk of injury. We all know that for horses, the grass is always greener on the other side. You certainly don't want heads and necks brushing against a rough surface.

The other option you have is Shockline. With the addition of an electrical current, Shockline has all the beneficial features of Raceline. An electrical barrier creates a physiological learning opportunity for horses to stay clear from fence lines, making them effective without contact. Fence line damage is reduced and horses can stay clear from the perimeter which is often closer to roads or public areas. An electrically charged fence is also a deterrent for predators who are contemplating entering a field.

Both Raceline and Shockline are great options if you are splitting paddocks, looking to reinforce your current fences, or seeking to discourage interaction between horses on a shared fence line.

You've invested so much in your foal already, don't risk a tragic event occurring! Whether you've already decided to make some upgrades this season or just curious, head over to System Equine and contact their team to find the option that suits you best!

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