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Just How Accessible IS Technology for Horse Breeders?

Being in the 21st century, the vast majority of us have an appreciation for technology. We see it everywhere, we use it in our everyday lives, and at this point, the benefits are undeniable and exciting.

We eagerly listen to our veterinarians discuss newly published findings and marvel at the tools they unload out of their trucks or install in their clinics. We're thankful for the ease of electronic banking, skilled website design, and social networking to help us grow our business and keep in touch with clients near and far. We use online pedigree and registration tools to answer our questions and help us compete tasks within minutes.

Technology has brought our horse farms to the forefront. We're no longer tucked away down rural side-roads, with success dependant on word of mouth and what we can fit into our busy schedules, we now have options and efficiencies.

So what's holding you back? Why isn't updating your broodmare management and breeding technology right for you?

It can't be because you're a small breeder - FoalPoint is used by breeders with two mares and by those with over one hundred. Not to mention, on average it costs about the same as a bale of hay per month to keep a mare on FoalPoint.

It can't be because you're not handy with technology - FoalPoint is designed with the most tech-wary users in mind with easy set up, clean, crisp mare profiles, simple navigation, and a helpful agent only a text, phone-call, or email away if needed.

It can't be because everything is perfect the way it is - If you're a business oriented breeder you should always have improvements that you'd like to make to your operation, whether they be big or small. Maybe you'd like to stay a little more organized, have your breeding records on your smartphone, improve communication with clients, track your expenses better, have your mare's cycles down to a science, spend less time in the office or in the barn during foaling season. The improvements made possible by FoalPoint are endless.

The truth is, the FoalPoint technology is accessible to you, yes YOU! You don't need to be a tech whiz, veterinarian, or big scale breeder to reap the benefits. We want all breeders to be able to save money, improve their breeding and foaling statistics, and build the insightful data behind their broodmares that will secure the foundation of their breeding program for years to come.

Visit our website and get in touch!

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