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Put that barn gossip to good use!

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

One of FoalPoint’s unique features is the ability to share horse profiles with other FoalPoint users. With the sharing tool, you can make sure your horse’s records follow them wherever they go. Whether you have a riding horse going out on lease, or a mare headed to the breeding shed, this features ensures that your horse’s records will be kept up to date in the same fashion you keep them at home. No more scribbled notes or time consuming phone calls, clients can stay informed and breeders can focus on their tasks. Profiles can also be shared with your veterinarian for 24/7 reference. Profile sharing works well with FoalPoint's cost reports feature where services and procedures are logged with their respective fees. Clients and owners will be able to follow expense breakdowns and reduce the chance of billing surprises, discrepancies and unhappy clients. Since word of mouth is one of the best ways to share new innovations, we want to thank you for telling others about FoalPoint, and how it has helped you as a breeder or horse owner. That’s why we’ve decided to launch our referral program and give back to current and new subscribers! Our referral program works in just four easy steps; 1. As a subscriber yourself, invite your friends to subscribe to FoalPoint by visiting 2. Send us an email at with your mailing information and the name and email address of the friend you referred 3. Once subscribed, the new user will receive a $20 credit towards their full access 4. Finally (here’s the best part), once the new user's FoalPoint Essentials is purchased, you will receive a $50 cheque from us! That’s it, that’s all!

Oh and we should mention, there is absolutely no limit on the amount of people you can refer so get talking! The more people connected to FoalPoint, the easier life is for you!

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