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So how do you pronounce PFERA?

We are often asked where this peculiar name came from, PFERA's pronunciation is FERA, but the “P” is silent. The company name has no relation with the founder’s last name Pfister. PFERA does have something to do with the founder’s background. Lisa Pfister was born in Germany and has strong ties to the country and horse industry in Germany.

For any German speaking folks out there, you may have noticed Pferd means horse in German. As with many good naming ideas this one started at the barn. Lisa and Victoria Smith, a trusted graphic designer, were brainstorming unique company names.

The goal was simple, they wanted to stay away from anything too “Equ-something” and generic. Lisa wanted to incorporate her German roots but also create something new. They started off by translating the words "Horse" and "Foal" into different languages. Then they played around with the spelling to come up with new words.

They settled on horse translated in German. There were many spelling iterations of Pferd but once PFERA was said out-loud (with a silent P), it stuck. In Europe horse breeders know PFERA has something to do with horses. In North America it is has peaked the interest of horse breeders as something different, which is what the breeding industry needs.

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