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System Equine Series: Halters for your foal

Accessorize your foal!

Ok, despite the frivolous connotations of the term "accessorize", we are saying this with a purpose.

Maybe this is your first foal or it's been a few years and you're short a few things. Wondering whats on the market these day for foal-wear? Let's see what System Equine has in stock for safety and style!

"What? I'm not doing anything, promise"

It's a good idea to get a halter on your foal sooner rather than later, your size advantage is short lived and it makes teaching to be led and handled much easier. If you're running a larger operation, you need to be able to handle mares and foals efficiently, leading both with a single handler is definitely the way to go as well as being able to handle them easily on vet and farrier days.

Regardless of how many foals you have, teaching them to lead is only going to make your life easier in the long run. We understand how cute and easy it is just to have them follow behind mom, but eventually they get a little more confident and a lot more curious. One minute they are right beside you and next, they are trotting around the property, bothering horses in other fields and potentially running into machinery. All it takes is one wrong move to end up in a tragic situation. You can't rely on your mare to have her child under control either, some are seasoned broodmares and seem unfazed that their foal is not by their side, offering no assistance in calling them over. Others become panicked and difficult to handle, making it hard to round up the foal and get everyone back to the barn.

The friendlier and more handled the foal, the less likely they are to be reactive and injure themselves and the more positive their interactions with humans will be. It is good practice to have halter broke foals in the case of an emergency or injury and to use leather halters so they can breakaway if necessary. System Equine has two foal halter options depending on your preference.

Walsh 'Grow with Me' Foal Halter

This foal halter is perfect for those delicate newborn heads. With its lightweight, thin leather, it will be comfortable for your foal to wear. The lower cut cheek piece also gives great clearance around the eyes and has adjustable nose and crown pieces. The catch strap is safe and handy to have but can be removed.

To order the Walsh Foal Halter visit:

Leather Foal Halter Walsh Foal Halter

Leather Foal Halter

The next size up is your standard leather foal halter. This halter is adjustable to grow with your foal and gives you more security when handling. With an older foal, the extra weight of heavier leather and brass fittings is of no concern and will still be comfortable for your foal to wear on a daily basis. The brass snap makes putting on and removing the halter a quick and easy process, ideal for foals.

To order the Leather Foal Halter visit:

Get a halter on your foal and teach them to lead as soon as possible. If not for yourself, do it for your vet, your farrier, and whoever ends up breaking them as a two year old. It's no fun to start from square one at that age!