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System Equine Series: What makes the perfect foaling stall?

Have you ever been stuck between a rock and hard place while foaling?

Or rather...has your mare?

No one wants to be uncomfortable during labour and mares typically search around to find that "perfect" spot, even if that spot is right up against a wall.

Whether your mare just likes to inconvenience you, or you have a difficult delivery ahead, the design of your foaling stall should not be a concern.

What makes a great foaling stall?

  • 12ft x 16ft

  • free of drafts (the wind, not the horses)

  • good lighting, overhead is ideal!

  • deep, comfortable, and absorbent bedding (we recommend straw!)

  • safe and well maintained features (wall padding, no loose nails or missing boards, bars and slats in close proximity)

System Equine has a number of foaling stall products to help you create the safest and cleanest environment for your mare and new foal.

StableComfort Flooring

This flooring option creates the perfect environment to keep your foal comfortable while protecting their delicate bodies. StableComfort technology provides your horse with great support, slip resistant and is simple to install. Crafted out of a rubber mattress and waterproof top cover, StableComfort Flooring is an all around improvement on foaling stalls and equine housing.

Find more information here:

Save on bedding with StableComfort flooring and rest assured your foal is sleeping comfortably

StableComfort- StableWall Kits

Designed with 1 1/2 inch foam panels and the StableComfort 1/4 inch top cover, these easy to install and maintain wall kits are perfect for foaling stalls and a great investment for any breeder. The panels are easy to disinfect and the extra padding means you can watch your foal take its first steps (and maybe their first face plant) around the stall with peace of mind. Year round, stalls outfitted with StableComfort Walls are ideal for horses recovering from an injury, newly weaned stock, those prone to getting cast, and horses with overactive hind legs.

Find more information here:

Install StableComfort wall panels to create the perfect foaling stall

Swingable Partition

Need the room when foaling but also need extra stalls throughout the year? System Equine can make that happen! The Swingable Partition allows you to create a foaling stall instantly and gives you the option to clean stalls all at once.

You may notice your mare getting up and down multiple times or rolling. Why do mare’s roll? To get their foal in position. If the foal is in positioned in a less than optimal way, in many cases, the mare can fix it herself without human intervention but needs the space to do so. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend. We recommend you attend every foaling and if her water has broken and there has been no progress for 20 min call your veterinarian. The Swingable Partition can provide the spacious environment your mare needs to comfortably, and safely deliver.

Find more information and view options on design styles here:

Achieve a flexible barn design with partitions!

If you have any questions or are interested in bringing some of these stall designs into your barn, get in touch with the team at System Equine!


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