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The EXPLOSION of Farming Technology!

When it comes to horses, FoalPoint introduced the concept of "breeding smart"

but... "farming smart" was a trend embraced decades ago. Let's take a quick at how technology has revolutionized crop and animal production.

The Gallagher System

Used for small ruminants and cattle, the Gallagher System helps farmers manage herds with animal identification, weight, and performance data collection. With RFID technology, the Gallagher System keeps track of livestock for both optimal production and food safety in a way that pen & paper never could. This system permits stock grouping, information sharing, and data collection to further analyze feed programs.


This handy neck strap or ankle monitor is designed to optimize herd management for dairy farmers. CowScout has a number of abilities including monitoring cow activity, vitals, heat cycles, eating habits and housing conditions. The data being collected notifies farmers of abnormalities within individual cows, can lower production costs, improve herd health, and simplify their daily workload. With health, welfare, and productivity benefits, CowScout enables farmers to know their herd better than ever before.

Climate Field View

This real time mapping and GPS system is an amazing way for farmers to collect, share and analyze data on their crop production. The Field View technology enabled farmers to evaluate crop yields, soil performance and field health to optimize their practices. With this technology, farmers can pinpoint problem areas, implement solutions, and maintain production without missing a beat. With the help of technology, crop farmers now have the ability to understand their land better and get out ahead of potential problems before suffering losses. An incredible tool for a source of income that is so vulnerable to outside factors.

Those are just a few examples but we love that you don't have to look far to see technology impacting the world of agriculture. Chances are, you already use a few types of tech when it comes to your barn and your horses. There are so many parallels that can be drawn between farming and horse breeding but in the end, it all comes down to tracking the right kinds information in a way that is actually useful and organized.

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