Track all your mares for the price of one ultrasound scan

What do you get with FoalPoint?

Metrics on your mares 

Learn more about your mare's cycles, and receive insights on how to target the best time for breeding based on her history.

Reports at your fingertips 

Key detailed information automatically compiled into reports on each mare and each activity. 

Your files all in one place 

Never again will you be searching for your mare's records in large binders or scraps of paper. 

Web and Mobile Access 

We know some things are just too small to put on a smartphone, view your reports on the web app while recording your information in the mobile app

Schedule for Success 

Breeding season is busy, save time while saving money by knowing when your mares will foal or be ready to be bred.

Add collaborators 

Add your whole reproductive team to your mare's profile, but always have control of who can edit or view. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for it?

The trial is free, but after that, yeah, you’ll need to subscribe to one of our plans- or you can continue on the FoalPoint Free version. But don’t give us that look ;). We’re committed to building an amazing product that provides real and tangible value to you every day. At 40 cents per user a day our FoalPoint Essentials plan sets you back less than a scoop of feed per horse per day. There’s no greater investment than pulling your team together and finding a great way to get more work done and one of our many customer tell us that their experience with is truly invaluable. Imagine never missing another ultrasound, foaling, ovulation or farrier appoints. Totally eliminating angry phone calls from clients when they don’t know why their mare isn’t pregnant yet or putting an end to painful email threads about follicle sizes. Imagine actually enjoying your everyday life at work. Priceless, no?

How will this actually help me save money/time on my farm?

Have you ever ultrasounded a mare more than nessecary purely because someone forgot to write down her results? With FoalPoint Essentials your whole reproductive team can record key breeding related activities such as ultrasound scans, insemenations, foaling records. Never miss another appointment or task.
Has your vet asked you what status a mare currently is but you have no idea when she was last teased or what her last follcile size was? The breeding season gets so busy its easy to lose track of paper records, vets telling you things, your staff leaving you notes. Keeping it all together on the FoalPoint software ensures you can increase productivity while decreasing stress. Have you ever searched for your breeding records? We ensure you will have your records where ever you have internet access or cell service. With automatic and secure cloud back ups that happen on a regular basis we ensure you that you don't lose your records. Access from your computer, tablet or mobile phone 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Have you ever received a mare with a reproductive history but no information on what she is usually like to breed? This can be frusterating, we get it. We want to eliminate this by ensuring records are easy to keep and stay with that mare.

I just want to know when my mare will foal! How can this help?

FoalPoint Professional is the answer! It comes complete with a specialized milk test kit, FoalPoint Scanner and access to the FoalPoint mobile app. We will have a limited number of FoalPoint Professional Packages available for the 2019 season. Order now so you don't miss out. To order please email us at

Can I share this with people who work on my farm?

Yes! You can grant read only or read and write access on individual horse profiles. This means you have complete control of who sees what and who can edit. Keep your whole team on the same page but having the right information infront of them at the right time.