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Track all your mares for the price of one ultrasound scan

What do you get with FoalPoint?

Metrics on your mares 

Learn more about your mare's cycles, and receive insights on how to target the best time for breeding based on her history.

Reports at your fingertips 

Key detailed information automatically compiled into reports on each mare and each activity. 

Your files all in one place 

Never again will you be searching for your mare's records in large binders or scraps of paper. 

Web and Mobile Access 

We know some things are just too small to put on a smartphone, view your reports on the web app while recording your information in the mobile app

Schedule for Success 

Breeding season is busy, save time while saving money by knowing when your mares will foal or be ready to be bred.

Add collaborators 

Add your whole reproductive team to your mare's profile, but always have control of who can edit or view. 

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