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Taking the guesswork out of knowing when your mares will be ready for breeding, when she will foal or what the quality of her milk is when she is feeding your next champion. The FoalPoint is an all-inclusive system that tracks the most important metrics of your business. 

FoalPoint Scanner

The FoalPoint Scanner allows you to access artificial intelligence through the FoalPoint App to learn more about your mare's pre and post foaling milk chemistry. 

FoalPoint Software

Keep track of ultrasound scans, pregnancies and everything inbetween. The FoalPoint Software lets you know what your mare's latest reproductive metrics are with FoalPoint Records. Prepare and plan for an upcoming foaling with FoalPoint Reports

FoalPoint Test Kit

The FoalPoint Test Kit has everything you need to determine how far your mare is from foaling. Complete with test strips and sample cups to use with the Foalpoint Scanner.

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